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Post to Medium

Blog posts and Articles are a great way to engage with your users and provide them more information about the products you're selling.

Medium is a great platform that allows you to share your blog posts / articles to a wider audience.

However as a Shopify store owner, you'd want to keep your blog posts within your Shopify store and domain so you reap the SEO benefits.

Post to Medium automatically creates articles in Medium when an article is posted on Shopify, preserving content and SEO.


  • Automatic and On-Demand posting of articles created in Shopify to Medium.

  • Ability to set status of posts in Medium to Draft for reviewing before publishing.

  • Ability to set the Medium article's canonical URL to the original Shopify article.

Custom Blog Authors

Custom Blog Authors allows you to add and display your own custom writers on blog articles.

This is especially useful for stores that have multiple contributors / writers on their blogs and want to attribute those blog articles to the correct person.

No need to upgrade to the next Shopify tier to add more authors past the staff account limits, saving you money!

If you already have custom or multiple authors on the blog, the app lets you import the list of authors to use in future articles.


  • Add more authors past the Shopify staff account limits without needing to upgrade your Shopify plan.

  • Assign custom authors to blog articles.

  • Easily import all existing blog article authors.

  • Works out of the box with all themes that display the author's name on a blog post.


Multipacks helps keep your inventory synced between items that make up multipacks and bundles

If you're selling multipacks of the same SKU or bundles made up of various SKUs (products or variants), this is the app for you.

The app links the multipack/bundle product in Shopify with each product that makes up the components of the multipack/bundle.

This ensures that your inventory is always kept in sync between the multipack/bundle and their individual components automatically.


  • Live inventory sync - inventory is synched live and immediately when an order comes through.

  • Handling stock in multiple locations - If your store has multiple locations, when a multipack/bundle is fulfilled in a specific location, the components that make up the multipack/bundle gets adjusted accordingly based on the fulfilment location.

  • Automatically calculate multipack inventory - When setting up a multipack, the app automatically calculates the multipack inventory based on the individual components/items that is part of that multipack..

  • Easy setup - Set up is super simple. Create the multipack or bundle by selecting the main product, and linking that to the individual components. The app then takes care of the rest whenever an order comes through.